A fresh, enthusiastic
approach to business

Dana Mulligan (DM) Consulting offers a fresh, enthusiastic approach to businesses, providing a range of bespoke Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media services to help promote your business and increase its market dominance.

Services include public relations, presentations, communication, writing press releases and editorial, marketing and event management, business development and Business to Business Introductions and networking at events on behalf of Clients.

Dana Mulligan

Dana Mulligan is the Company’s Lead Consultant. She is an experienced, award-winning Marketing Consultant and Business Manager with a strong track record of successfully marketing and promoting businesses in Exeter.

Dana has exemplar networks across the City and the wider region and intuitively connects businesses with customers to generate business growth and wealth creation. Dana has specific skills and experience working alongside SMEs and has a renowned professional reputation in Exeter St Thomas in particular where she has been based for the last 20 years.

DM Consulting provides a bespoke tailored service to specifically meet your marketing, communication and PR needs. It is not a consultancy that churns out a formulaic approach to its services. It strives to get to know you, your business, your aspirations and your dreams. DM Consulting exists to deliver these aspirations and dreams; if they can, they will strive to exceed them!

DM Consulting can offer

• Marketing

• Event Design and Management

• Brand & Identity Advice

• Digital Campaigns

• Content Marketing and Copy Writing

• Communication Consultancy

• Social Media Marketing

• Business to Business Networking

• Internal and External Corporate Publications

• Website Design and Management

• Air-time Campaigns