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We are very excited for Exwick Villa, who were presented last week with the Devon and Exeter Premier League trophy. Our Lead Consultant, Dana Mulligan, is a long term fan and sponsor of the club, as well as being chair of the committee. We had an incredible evening of celebration at the Devon and Exeter Premier League awards ceremony at Fingle Glen on Thursday 23rd May 2019.

Exwick Villa received their trophy from former pro footballer Wayne Carlisle, who played for Torquay United before taking up the role of Head Coach at Exeter City Football Club.

Exwick Villa played their last game of the season on Saturday 4th May, fighting hard but ending by drawing nil-nil with Beer Albion. It didn’t matter in the end though, as Exwick’s goal difference throughout the season was not to be matched and they ended the season for the first time as champions of the league.

Chairman of Exwick Villa, Adam Ryan, tells us, “This has been a great season for Exwick Villa. All the players, coaches and connections have worked extremely hard and pulled together to stretch themselves and succeed again and again. Though it would have been nice to end the season on a clear win, our goal difference has showed that every game, goal and effort counts.

“This league win is a fantastic result for the club and we recognise that it is the result of all the training that the players have put in as well as all the support from the wider club, families and fans. Our sponsors have been there through thick and thin and it is notable that there is a true love there for the club. We really appreciate all the support and I am very proud of the dedication of our team – every cheer and every pat on the back makes a difference.”

Dana says, “We are incredibly proud to be connected with this local club. Exwick Villa are going from strength to strength and they never fail to lift their fans to their feet by the sheer will and effort they put into every game. This league win is thoroughly deserved and I want to thank the entire club for their kindness and for the inspiration they give to all of us. Well done!”

To find out more about Exwick Villa, follow them on Twitter @ExwickVilla. 


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