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Careers events are a big deal in the educational calendar. Giving students the chance to look forward to where their long years of education could take them is an exciting and important task.

On Friday 8th March, our Lead Consultant Dana Mulligan was invited to Exeter School to talk to three groups of AS level students about what it’s really like to work in PR & Marketing.

The students were asked which industries they were interested in and Exeter School arranged for experts from these sectors to attend the event. These included Law, Medical, Physiotherapy, Finance, Rural Land Management, Art/Creative Careers, Engineering and the Environmental sector. Once the speakers were booked, students were encouraged to choose three talks to attend; two from industries that interested them, and one ‘wild card’ in an industry they hadn’t considered before.

Dana has a wealth of experience and insight into the world of PR & Marketing, having brought success and increased the profiles and prosperity of various businesses over the years. Having won awards for her work, Dana is a specialist marketing consultant for professional services and retailers. She has instigated growth in large corporations and SMEs in many different sectors, including the service and creative industries.

Dana spoke to the students about the highs and lows of this job. Yes, sometimes you get to attend glamorous events with high profile guests in the capital. But you might also be the first one up in the morning, in your wellies, setting up trade stalls in the wind and rain. Marketing is increasingly being focussed in a digital world, with social media and an online presence becoming an integral part to any business marketing plan and budget. Dana emphasised the importance of treating social media in the same professional manner as you would a national print publication. More than once, our Lead Consultant shared with the students’ one of our favourite office sayings: “Never assume, always check your facts”.

Despite the hard-line, no-nonsense, people-centred, deadline-oriented attitude of a busy PR & Marketing agency, Dana was also able to express to the students of Exeter School how much fun the job is. “We love our jobs! Marketing isn’t about ruthless selling, it’s about sharing information and sharing stories. PR gives us the chance to help local communities and spread the word about services and products that are being offered by genuine people.

“If you are a creative person, if you like art, design, technology, writing, storytelling, planning events and dressing windows and tables – this is a career that is well worth getting into. You have to be hardworking and have a thick skin sometimes, but you will be rewarded by countless opportunities every day to be creative and connect with interesting people who are trying to make a difference.”

The students were a credit to themselves and to Exeter School, they were fully engaged listeners and asked intelligent questions. It was really encouraging to see the next generation of workers taking such a keen interest in their future, and we look forward to them giving us a run for our money in a few years time!

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