Dana Mulligan Lead Consultant DM PR & Marketing 1


Lead Consultant and Managing Director

Dana is an experienced, award-winning marketing consultant and business manager with a strong track record of successfully marketing and promoting businesses and events in Exeter. Dana has an extensive network across the city and the wider region, and intuitively connects businesses with customers to generate business growth and wealth creation.

Dana has specific skills and experience working alongside SMEs and has a renowned professional reputation in Exeter where she has been based for the last 20 years.

Chloe Glencross PR & Marketing Executive DM PR & Marketing


PR and Marketing Executive

Chloe came to DM PR & Marketing as an intern, and fast proved to be proficient in office management, with a keen creative eye and aptitude in various video editing and design software.

Chloe is often your first point of contact at the firm; you can be sure she will assess your needs and guide you towards your goal.

With solid experience liaising with press and clients, managing staff diaries and directing projects within the wider team, Chloe is an asset to both DM PR & Marketing and our clients.

If you want to know more about what PR and marketing means for you, Chloe can explain the various options that might be appropriate for you, and then bring you into contact with the team members who can work with you on your vision.

“Marketing and Public Relations is all about people and their stories. It’s so rewarding to work together and use our different creative skills to find solutions for our clients. Every day is different in this job and it’s great to be part of such an energetic team.”

Charlotte Heaver Events Manager DM PR & Marketing


Events Manager

Charlotte is in tune with the beating pulse of Exeter and the surrounding areas, there are rarely more than two degrees of separation between Charlotte and your next client or partner.

With a depth of experience in client care and networking, Charlotte also shines as our Events Manager. She has deftly lead teams to arrange various events, from high profile weekend-long operations in London to local SME launch parties, to designing and creating shop front displays.

Charlotte’s eye for detail and dedication to delivering quality experiences means that we simply cannot recommend a better person to help you connect with the public and your community.

If you are interested in learning about how networking opportunities can grow your business or have an exciting event in mind that you need help to plan or bring to fruition, Charlotte is your first port-of-call.

“I love the challenge of working with a client to turn their vision into an event that surpasses all expectations. Every detail matters when it comes to these special occasions, as this is a big part of how we portray a client’s personality to the world.”


Content Writer

Jo's love of writing and her natural empathy mean she is perfectly placed to create engaging marketing pieces, capturing the essence of your business and putting across the message that you want to communicate.

With a flair for producing work that conveys the individuality and personality of your company, her degree in English and Literary Studies means she is also well-equipped with the technical skills to ensure that pieces are accurately written and grammatically polished.

Jo has a relatable writing style that allows her to connect with audiences, expressing the substance of your vision with spirit and integrity. ``There is nothing more rewarding than helping a client to find the right words to tell the story of their business, in the way that they feel it should be told.``