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We can help with your award entries – shout about the great work you do!

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Entries are now open for the Exeter Living Awards, are you thinking of entering?  If so perhaps you’d like a little help? At DM PR & Marketing we have a team of experienced award entry writers, having written many entries that have gone on to be shortlisted as finalists, and gone on to win, we can help ensure your entry is the best it can be.

There are a number of categories to suit a wide range of businesses, you will find them here

Of course the Exeter Living Awards are not the only award opportunities available to your business. For example for any business in the South West, there are the South West Business Awards. For hairdressers, there are the British Hairdressing Awards, if you are an Estate Agent you may want to enter the Negotiator Awards and there are lots focused around the achievements of women in business – the list is endless no matter your business!

If you would like to know what awards are out there which may be suitable for you to enter we can help, we can look at your business and advise the best ones for you, the deadlines for entry, the dates for the finals and of course help put your entry together.

Why enter an award?

  • There are a few benefits to award entry. The first is the process of writing an award entry, in doing so you review your whole business which is something that can get overlooked when time is precious, and you are busy.  To enable us to enter you into an award we will initially take an overview of your business before breaking it down and looking at individual staff, your finances, your engagement with the community, your customer feedback, your current marketing strategy, any campaigns you have been a part of and how successful they were. A good award entry needs to evidence why you are as good as you say you are, and so this in-depth analysis of your business is required. Not only can this help with your award entry, but it can help with giving you a fresh look at your business and the individuals within it who can be doing great things with little recognition!
  • Most award organisers offer publicity for those that get shortlisted, so if you are shortlisted you can expect to see yourself named on their website and on any marketing they do in the lead up to the awards ceremony.
  • If you are shortlisted, you can shout about it! If your entry is shortlisted, you can take the opportunity to make the most of it. Share on social media that you have been shortlisted and tag people into your posts so they see it, brag about it on Twitter networking hours, write a press release saying how great you are – make sure everyone knows!
  • Award ceremonies are excellent networking events with lots of opportunities for your business, ensure you make the most of it. Talk to other businesses there, make sure they know who you are and what you do. Most ceremonies will have social media and live Twitter feeds so ensure your phone is set up ready to join in, and have someone with you who knows how to do it if you don’t!
  • If you win you can shout about it even more! The organisers of the awards normally do follow up marketing announcing the winners and you too can market your win. Ensure you use any winner logos on your marketing materials and on your shop front, write a press release and get back on social media and make sure everyone knows you won.
  • They are fun – most award ceremonies are good fun, enjoy them!

If you would like help with any of the above then please do get in touch. E-mail: or call 01392 662742

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