You already know the importance of advertising. But are you reaching the right audience, speaking to them directly, promoting your brand values effectively? Rather than taking a scattergun approach, it’s important to know who reads the publications in which you’re buying space. A newspaper or magazine may have a large circulation, but is it read by people from your target market? You might get better results from a different publication with a relatively small but loyal readership, whose demographic closely matches the age bracket, income level and aspirations of the people you’ve identified as your target market.

Once you’ve selected the right publications, it’s important to think about whether the design and wording of your advertisement will sit well with the editorial content. If it does, it will have far more credibility with the readers.

What about local radio? Many businesses are wary of on-air advertising. And local radio isn’t the right medium for every enterprise, but for others it’s perfect: for example, those who mainly trade fairly close to home, from an office or showroom rather than online, and want to raise awareness within that locality. The secret is to know the radio station’s audience and create a commercial that speaks directly to your potential customers. Alternatively, there are opportunities to sponsor parts of the station’s output, or have a presence at outside-broadcast events.

DM PR & Marketing can help you identify the most effective way of spending your advertising budget, and advise you on the most suitable media outlets for your type of business.


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