Whether it’s your website copy, your blog, your company brochure, advertising flyers or other printed publications, good writing is crucial. It’s not just about describing the products or services you’re offering; the way you use words speaks volumes about the kind of business you are.

If your written material is littered with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and clumsy phrasing, it makes you look unprofessional, slapdash, downmarket and lacking in attention to detail. This kind of writing rarely describes or sells your products or services effectively. On the other hand, clear, accurate, vibrantly-written copy sets you apart from your less meticulous competitors and tells your potential customers that you care about quality and have high standards. Well-chosen words also communicate your brand values better, and are quite simply more enjoyable to read than sloppy copy.

Well-chosen words are what you’ll get when you use DM PR & Marketing for copywriting. All written material is created to engage audiences in a fluent and professional way, and be consistent across your business. Rather than trotting out tired clichés and business jargon, we talk to you about the kind of company you are and the ‘personality’ you want to convey, and tailor all your written communications to reflect that image.

We can also help with any articles or blogs you have written yourselves, to give them that extra polish and make them read as professionally as possible. One of our clients has begun submitting articles on their specialist line of business to the local media; we can take these from you in draft form and professionally proof-read and edit them.

Are you thinking of entering for any business awards? We can help you put together a nomination that will stand out from all the rest. In 2016 DM PR & Marketing wrote the nomination for Viva Hair when they entered the Exeter Living Magazine awards; they won first prize in their category and in the next few months, saw a 44% growth in the number of their clients and also benefited from a rise in the Google search rankings.

Emma-Jane Lineham from Viva Hair said, “We are flying! It’s also fabulous for an independent company to win – we were up against some much bigger businesses.”


We are very proud to work with some of Exeter’s most innovative, friendly, professional and forward-looking companies.