The impact – and the business value – of positive editorial coverage is said to be three times that of paid-for advertising. Of course, there is a place for both, but a company that relies on advertising and social media alone is missing a trick. Readers trust the content of articles they see in the editorial pages of print and online publications far more than something that has clearly been paid for.

We take a proactive approach to getting our clients good media coverage. We have a journalist who knows what editors want, and can write press releases and editorial that get our clients into newspapers and magazines, for all the right reasons. We can also advise you on how to generate more coverage in your local media, and promote yourself not only in the context of your business, but as part of the wider community.

In practice

We have identified an opportunity for Gilbert Stephens Solicitors to feature in video articles for a local publication with a strong online edition, which attracts large numbers of viewers with video content. We will be producing short, professionally-produced videos of company staff talking to camera about topical legal issues which will be interesting and relevant to viewers. DM PR & Marketing will be helping the lawyers involved to write and present their material in a professional but non-technical manner. This will help to market Gilbert Stephens as experts in the various areas of law covered, and promote them in a way users of social media can relate to.

We have also placed editorial articles about Gilbert Stephens in several local publications, sometimes alongside paid-for advertising. Gilbert Stephens have six branches across Devon, each in a town with its own local newspaper. The newspaper adverts tell readers in simple terms about the legal services Gilbert Stephens offer; the editorial articles highlight the local branch’s involvement in community events, support for local charities, and links with other businesses in the area. These articles are also placed on the Gilbert Stephens website, providing fresh content and proving that the firm regularly makes the news.

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