Search engine optimisation (SEO) – making it easy for potential customers to find you in online searches – is a vital aspect of your promotional and business growth strategy. Being high up in the search rankings puts you in front of people who’re actively looking for the products or services you offer. People tend to trust information they have found by carrying out their own searches online. However, as with everything connected with the Internet, SEO has evolved and changed a lot in the last few years.

The received wisdom used to be that it was all about keywords – the words relating to your business that a potential customer was most likely to type into a search engine and of course, it’s important that you can be found that way. But what many website designers used to do was scatter those keywords indiscriminately around the site, often on pages that weren’t directly relevant. This tended to backfire by annoying the searcher and driving them away; sites with too many keywords could also be banned by Google.

Nowadays, good SEO is based on thinking about the specific information your customers are looking for, and making sure that all the information on your site is contextually relevant to the searches in which you want to be visible. The site should be easy for people to navigate, and preferably offer them more than just promotional details of your company, products and services; it could contain topical information, comment on news items relating to your line of work, and advice for customers. The website needs to be built with search engines in mind, but also very much with your customers in mind, rather than with the aim of generating large volumes of traffic. To do well in online searches your site needs regular new content; informative articles or blogs are a good way of providing this and giving your customers added value.

We can help you analyse how well your company is performing in online searches, advise on how to rise higher in the search rankings, and work with you to keep adding new articles and blog posts so that the site remains fresh and up-to-date.


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