Social media is a crucial part of any company’s marketing strategy. It’s a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of your business and engage with your existing and potential customers. It helps to validate your brand, and increase customer loyalty, and can also be used to get feedback from customers, giving you valuable insights into your market.

But social media marketing has to be handled carefully, and with a clear purpose. A disorganised, inconsistent approach will not work and could even drive customers away. You need to decide which social media channels are the most appropriate for your type of business and the market you are targeting.

The content also needs to be considered carefully. Social media shouldn’t be too self-promotional; your posts should engage your audience and draw them in. This will be far more valuable to your brand in the long run.

It’s also very important to keep posting new content regularly, as leaving a social media account dormant for weeks looks very unprofessional.

At DM PR & Marketing we can manage all aspects of your social media for you. We can advise on the best social media channels for your business and how your posts will complement your other advertising and PR activities. We can discuss the kind of content you want to post, and create a schedule which ensures that fresh updates are posted regularly.

We have been advising Fraser & Wheeler Estate Agents on their Facebook posts, and had great success with a competition to win a football shirt signed by the Exeter City squad who were about to head for Wembley for the League Two play-off final. Around 70,000 people entered the competition via Fraser & Wheeler’s Facebook page. The firm also use the site to promote community events, and a local primary school, which they are supporting.

Director Chris Parkes said: “From the day we opened, we were determined to become a really valued part of the community in which we work, not just viewed as yet another estate agent. We love working in the St Thomas community and Dana’s fantastic local knowledge, enthusiasm and obvious professionalism fit beautifully with the way we want to conduct our business.”


We are very proud to work with some of Exeter’s most innovative, friendly, professional and forward-looking companies.