Your website is your company’s online shop window, sales brochure, branding statement and much more. As well as having a far wider reach than any other form of advertising, it’s also your chance to demonstrate the qualities you’re selling, which could be style, creativity, reliability, attention to detail, customer service, friendliness… the list goes on.

Even if you do most of your business off-line, your customers are spending more and more time online. Many will visit your website before making the journey to your office or showroom, and if they don’t like what they see, that’s a customer lost. But if they’re greeted by a professional, informative, user-friendly site, that’s a valuable first impression you’ve made.

Website design is evolving all the time. A few years ago many home pages were full of gimmicks, moving images and flashy graphics, which actually proved very distracting to visitors and made it harder for them to navigate to what they were looking for. Many web pages were very ‘busy’, their content scattered with irritating keywords intended to improve search rankings. Today a much cleaner, simpler style is the norm, with technology helping to make navigation smoother. Content is designed to guide visitors to what they really want to see, rather than distracting and misdirecting them.

At DM PR & Marketing we can advise on the best website design for your business, how to attract more visitor traffic, and how to convert that traffic into sales. We can make sure your website design conveys your company’s personality, values and branding.


We are very proud to work with some of Exeter’s most innovative, friendly, professional and forward-looking companies.